Economics, Public Policy, Planning

Since 1963, JFA has led the industry in consulting and analytic services, providing cutting edge research in over 1,500 tasks

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JFA has a national reputation as a leader in the development of innovative techniques for transportation policy analysis and planning

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Services related to environmental issues have been a major focus of research at JFA for more than a decade
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JFA has completed more than 100 projects in energy planning and analysis
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Industrial Economics

Over the past twenty years, JFA has made substantial contributions to the understanding of US economic performance in investment, capital accumulation, productivity, and technological change
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JFA delivers forerunner economic analysis ever-improving transportation, college campuses, human impact, cost-benefit analysis, and more.

Public Policy

JFA has continued to find innovative methods to improve the public sector in an economically efficient way.


JFA strengthens planning in transportation, environmental strategies, and many economic improvement programs.


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