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Energy Efficiency and Conservation

JFA can help communities applying for or participating in the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG). The program is designed to assist states, counties, cities, territories, and Indian Tribes in developing and implementing strategies to reduce fossil fuel emissions, total energy use, and energy use inefficiencies through methods that increase environmental sustainability and maximize benefits for the region. JFA can help jurisdictions identify and implement energy efficiency opportunities in transportation, energy, land use, waste management, and construction among other areas of public policy. Specific services JFA can provide communities and jurisdictions include identification, planning, and implementation of the following:

  • Development of an energy efficiency and conservation strategy, and technical consultant services to assist in the development of such a strategy
  • Residential and commercial building energy audits
  • Financial incentive programs and mechanisms for energy efficiency improvements, such as energy savings performance contracting, on-bill financing, and revolving loan funds
  • Grants to nonprofit organizations and government agencies for the purpose of performing energy efficiency retrofits
  • Energy efficiency and conservation programs for buildings and facilities
  • Development and implementation of transportation programs to conserve energy
  • Building codes and inspections to promote building energy efficiency
  • Energy distribution technologies that significantly increase energy efficiency, including distributed resources, combined heat and power, and district heating and cooling systems
  • Material conservation programs including source reduction, recycling, and recycled content procurement programs that lead to increases in energy efficiency
  • Reduction and capture of methane and greenhouse gases generated by landfills or similar waste-related sources
  • Energy efficient traffic signals and street lighting
  • Renewable energy technologies on government buildings

JFA can also help jurisdictions perform the EECBG program’s required periodic reports on the following five metrics:

  • Jobs created and/or retained
  • Energy savings on a per dollar invested basis
  • Renewable energy capacity installed
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduced
  • Funds leveraged

JFA is also ready to assist jurisdictions interested in developing a Climate Action Plan and Climate Protection Plan either as a stand alone project or in tandem with participation in the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program.