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JFA is pleased to have performed exemplary work for our many clients over the past several years. Some of our clients have submitted positive feedback that we are happy to present here.
“In our opinion, JFA can easily be rated a 10 out of 10 in the effectiveness of the analysis services. We feel that they have lived up to every detail outlined in their submitted proposal, while going above and beyond the scope of work required.”
Fred Wydner

Pittsylvania County Agriculture Development Director

“I have worked with a number of consultants, but few of the caliber of Jack Faucett Associates.”
Terry Blount

Planning Manager, City of West Hollywood, California

“[JFA] has a well-established professional reputation and is very easy to work with. Top-quality people.”
John Merris

Policy Section Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation

“That kind of dedication and hard work is what we hope for when we hire a consultant team … Throughout the hectic and demanding processes you maintained a pleasant, professional demeanor and showed a personal investment in the projects throughout their duration.”
Matt Lust

Project Manager, Los Angeles County Community Development Commission

“Highly recommended for further contracting. Great firm to work with.”
David Walterscheid

Realty Specialist, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Real Estate Services, USDOT

“[JFA] have been responsive, and when we had questions about their findings, they took time to listen, explain, and accept new inputs and recomputed the results … They have been very professional, interested more in getting it right versus getting it done.”
Dr. Robert Loveridge

Director of Institutional Research & Information, Utah Valley University

“I have worked with many firms, but yours stands at the pinnacle of professionalism and excellence. Without your help, the ports would not be where they are today.”
Allan Elberfeld

Director Office of Plan Formulation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Huntington District

“I have worked with a number of consultants, but few of the caliber of Jack Faucett Associates.”
Terry Blount

Planning Manager, City of West Hollywood, California

“The [Kanawha Valley Local Port District Master Plan Development Oversight Committee] is pleased with the quality of the work and methodology used by Jack Faucett Associates. Please extend our thanks to your staff.”
Janet Mathews

Co-Chair, Kanawha Valley Local Port District Master Plan Development Oversight Committee

“[JFA] did a great job on this report from start to finish! Excellent guidebook … this should help us improve the process in future years! I appreciate the thought that you all obviously put into it.”
Robert Tomiak

Principal Engineer, Energy Support Center, U.S. Department of Defense

“I want to thank you for the excellent work you’ve done on this project … Your efficient and effective use of resources has resulted in a well-focused and comprehensive report, and your research and analysis was of high quality and well-targeted.”
Jen Svenson

Economist, Occupational Health and Safety Administration

“I wanted to thank you for your thorough and insightful work on our study.  The results are impressive. We will definitely keep Jack Faucett Associates on a list for future studies.”
Richard Schreiner

Director of Service, Housatonic Area Rapid Transit, Danbury, Connecticut

“I am pleased to extend my compliments to you on the report JFA just finished for this office. Our thanks to you and your staff for an outstanding product.”
David Weekly

Chief of Navigation Planning Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

“I am pleased that JFA managed the [budget] resources so efficiently.  Also, all of us in the [Federal Transit Administration] Policy Shop appreciate the thoughtfulness, care, and sheer competence you brought to this work.  It really shows. Makes us look pretty good … It’s been an honor and pleasure to work with you.”
Fred Williams

Ph.D., Program Analyst, Federal Transit Administration, Office of Policy and Budget, USDOT

“I think [JFA] did a very nice job with this study … I thought [the study] was thoughtful, well-written, and struck a good balance between analyzing fairly technical concepts and explaining them to a general audience.”
John Giorgis

Program Analyst, Federal Transit Administration, Office of Budget & Policy, USDOT

“I am not overstating your contribution when I say you saved the day. Great presentation, engaging Q&A, and excellent Spanish.”
Juan Maldonado

Environmental Scientist, TranSystems

“I want to thank you once again for your assistance. You and your associates have been easy to reach and have kept our projects on track … I appreciate your firm’s ability to meet promised timelines. Your people are all quick studies in apprehending the peculiarities of the facts or law in question. Your ability to explain and defend your work as an expert witness is at the highest level that I have seen. At any time that I need an expert economist, I will contact you … I have never hesitated to recommend you and your firm to others. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team. I hope that I have the opportunity to do so again.”
James Pringle

Attorney, Kyler, Pringle, Lundholm & Durmann

“Thank you for your dedication and timeliness so we can make the CTB [Commonwealth Transportation Board] presentation insightful and interesting.”
Linda CarpenteR

Vice President, Wilbur Smith Associates

“I thank you all for getting everything back so fast. You are a great team!”
Katherine Graham

Project Director, Virginia Department of Transportation

“The work performed by JFA on this subcontract led to a new elaboration of an analytical concept.”
Martin Weiss

Team Leader, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Planning, USDOT

“The tool delivered by the Jack Faucett team was a quality product that was on time and within budget.  I would highly recommend Jack Faucett Associates.”
Crystal Jones

Program Manager, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Planning, USDOT

“On behalf of the City of Pittsburg, I want to commend you for the hard work and personal investment you put into the Pittsburg Bay Point California Enterprise Zone Application … We are pleased with your technical work on developing the comprehensive business attraction, retention, and expansion plans, vouchering plan, and advertising and promotional strategy. The thought and long hours you dedicated were evident as your work product exceed our expectations … You played a significant role in securing a program that will create job opportunities and raise the quality of life of our residents.”
Brad NaiL

Director of Economic Development, City of Pittsburg, California