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Enterprise Zone Program

Jack Faucett Associates offers a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Zone consulting services. JFA has a near perfect record in securing enterprise zone designations for our clients. A service review by the County of Fresno, CA demonstrates the quality of our work. Our experienced team of multidisciplinary analysts provides a “one-stop shop” for:

Enterprise Zone Initial Scoping

JFA can provide in-depth analysis of all EZ-related financial, demographic, and logistical issues facing your community. We can provide the clear and objective information you need to make informed decisions.  Among the services we offer are: 1) preparing technical analysis of the demographics and potential geographical configuration of your proposed zone, 2) conducting an analysis of regulations and guidelines that may affect your zone configuration and EZ program organization, 3) designing and implementing an outreach program including marketing  materials and presentations to officials, major employers, or other stakeholders, and 4) preparing all necessary materials/reports needed to document and support your enterprise zone pursuit before a City Council or County Board of Supervisors. 

Enterprise Zone Application Preparation

JFA is well-prepared to assemble all required components of the rigorous California Housing & Community Development (HCD) Enterprise Zone Application.

Finalizing Zone Designation

JFA can support your zone in meeting any new requirements or adress any application deficiencies identified by HCD. Not only did JFA prepare the highest scoring EZ Application in 2006, we earned top scores in the following sections: Financing, Job Development, Infrastructure, and Bonus Points. Our team of analysts and marketing specialists can produce products that are clear, concise, and persuasive. 

Enterprise Zone Management & Implementation

JFA offers the complete enterprise zone program solution. We are available to provide technical assistance in implementing all facets of the EZ program. This includes organizing and conducting organizational meetings to describe how zones operate, preparing annual progress reports to HCD, and implementing marketing programs such as presentations to local employers and other stakeholders.

Vouchering Facilitation

Securing the designation is only the first step in the enterprise zone program. After designation, it is key to immediately publicize the new suite benefits available to your employers. JFA is prepared to provide on-site support to engage your major employers.  We can provide personalized presentations on the available benefits and implications of vouchering for their businesses.  JFA can also with employer human resource departments to file all required vouchering paperwork.

Expansion Applications

JFA can analyze your existing zone configuration and determine the implications, barriers, and advantages of pursuing an expansion. JFA can prepare all necessary technical narratives and statistical analysis needed to submit an expansion application to HCD. We can also support any stakeholder coordination efforts by preparing presentations, staff reports, and informational brochures. 

—In conformance with the annually published Enterprise Zone Application Handbook, JFA prepares an application which includes:

Local Boundaries, Street Ranges, and Zone Mapping

Including 3 GIS computer-generated color maps showing the zone’s streets, incorporated census tracts/block groups/blocks and land use zoning.

Eligibility Documentation

Including tables and narratives illustrating the zones compliance with certain socio-economic criteria established by HCD.

Comprehensive Economic Development Plan

Consisting of: a Marketing Strategy and Plan to address the zone’s goals and objectives for area revitalization, priority business clusters, business retention, expansion and attraction and Enterprise Zone targeted individuals; Available Property and Businesses Listings including detail on vacant commercial and industrial buildings and the acreage of available commercially or industrially zoned land and a listing of all Zone businesses; Financing Programs Overview including an explanation of the business and real estate financial incentives available in the application area and their track record of success.

Job Development, Vouchering, and Vouchering Fee Remittance Plans

Including strategies for maximizing the participation of agencies that provide job development services for the unemployed and underemployed, a plan for the issuance of vouchers for eligible employees that is compliant with regulations.

Planning and Local Incentives Narratives

Including a detailed description of the available local incentives and how the proposed incentives will stimulate business investment in the application area.

Zone Program Management Plan

Including detailed discussion of budgeting and staff for the zone’s governance, development of a Zone Manager’s Job Description, development of organizational charts, and ratification of all memorandums of understanding and letters of commitment establishing these relationships.

Unemployment and Area Income Levels Analysis

Including generating statistics for all census blocks within the proposed application area and GIS computer-generated color maps.

Infrastructure and Capital Improvement Plan

Including a description of the application area’s infrastructure serving industrial and commercial areas and planned improvements through 2011 and a GIS computer generated map illustrating such infrastructure.

Throughout, JFA also provides progress reports and presentations to the County’s Board of Supervisors and City Councils. Other key supporting tasks included authoring City Council Resolutions, Memorandums of Understanding and Letters of Budgetary Commitment. 

JFA also provided post-submission technical support to address any comments or questions concerning the zone’s configuration and application components.  Support activities included recalculating eligibility statistics based on zone geography adjustments and providing additional narratives.